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Copper Canyon Attractions

Attractions in Copper Canyon
Copper Canyon is a beautiful picturesque canyon, filled with rivers, hills, waterfalls and more. The Pacifico Train is on of the best ways to see all the attractions...

Copper Canyon Activities

Activities in Copper Canyon
Copper Canyon offers activities geared towards the outdoors person. Enjoy hiking, white water rafting, bird watching, swimming, hiking and more...

Copper Canyon Tours

Tours in Copper Canyon
There are several companies that offer tours of the Copper Canyon area. Including train tours, birding tours as well as several other canyon tours...

Copper Canyon Shops and Markets

Shops and Markets in Copper Canyon
Copper Canyon shopping is an ideal place to by local Tarahumara crafts including woven belts, pots made from pine needles and clay...

Events and Festivals in Copper Canyon

Events and Festivals in Copper Canyon
Copper Canyon has several festival throughout the year. Although they are mainly religious celebrations you can often see local events within the city...

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