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Health and Emergencies Information for in Copper Canyon

If you were to face any kind of emergency, get in contact with the embassy or consulate of your country of origin, or approach the officers of the Tourist Police, a unit prepared to handle situations and orientate tourists. It is advisable to call or go to the following institutions:

  • Emergency - Ph: 066

  • Fire Dept. - Ph: 068

  • Police - Ph: 060

  • Red Cross - Ph: 01 (668) 815-0808 in Los Mochis and (614) 411-1619 in Chihuahua

  • Highway Road Service: Ph: 078
  • Hospitals: Ph: 01 (668) 812-0198 in Los Mochis and (614) 415-9000 in Chihuahua
  • Pharmacies: Ph: 01 (668) 812-5161 in Los Mochis and (614) 410-9017 in Chihuahua

Mexico State Government Offices

Centro de Gobierno, Edif.
Estatal Norte 3er Nivel
Comonfort y Paseo Río
CP 83280 Hermosillo, Son.
Tel: (662) 217-0076
Fax: (662) 217-0076

Calle Libertad No. 1300
Edif. Agustin Melgar, 1er Piso
CP 31000 Chihuahua, Chih.
Tel: (61) 429-3421
Fax: (61) 416-0032


If you are dialing from outside of Mexico, please dial your international operator and the Mexico country code (52) and you need the Copper Canyon area code in Chihuahua its (614), for Los Mochis its (668). Calling Los Mochis from the U.S.
Example: 011-52-668-555-5555

Health Concerns in Mexico

It is the opinion of the Centers for Disease Control that travelers to the Mexican state of Chihuahua and Sonora are at NO risk for malaria. In Copper Canyon and surrounding cities their is no risk for infection. You should consult further with your doctor about the CDC’s recommendation and what action you should take. You can review the latest CDC traveler’s advisories at The Center for Disease Control Website.

Travel InsuranceMexico Travel Insurance

You may wish to consider purchasing travel insurance. It’s moderately expensive but it can give welcome protection to those for whom a health-related trip cancellation is a concern. Travel insurance also usually protects you in the event of your falling ill while on the tour or if you need medical evacuation for a serious injury. Please note that most travel insurance companies require insurance be purchased no later than the day the initial deposit(s) are sent to the travel company, and please note as well that all policies have fairly restrictive conditions.


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