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Recohuata Hot Springs in Canyon Mexico Recohuata Hot Springs in Canyon Mexico

Just 13 miles (22 km) from Creel you can hike up to Cusarare falls then continuing to Recohuata (Recowata) Hot springs. This very popular hot springs sits at the bottom of a small canyon called Tararecua and can be reached by car, bicycle, horseback or even on foot. The area is clean and well maintained and while developed it has a very nice rustic charm that blends well with the natural beauty of the area. The spring itself is a scalding 145°F (127°C); but it drains into the river and cools, providing a soothing transitional area of warm water. There are also ancient cave paintings on the path to the falls that you don't want to miss. Lesser known and undeveloped are the Basirecota Hot Springs down the canyon from the Cusarare area. These springs are much hotter than the ones at Recohuata. Farthest off the beaten path and probably nicest of all are the Owerabo hot springs deep within the Barranca del Cobre (Copper Canyon). These are undeveloped and form natural pools; they also mix with a waterfall that plunges down into the area from the cliffs above.


Recowata Hot springs - Creel, MexicoRecowata Hot springs - Creel, Mexico

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